Areas of Practice


Prior to filing any court or administrative case/s, we recommend the exhaustion of possible and less litigious means to terminate any dispute. Thus, we initially offer assistance in handling out-of-court negotiations and/or settlements prior to finally instituting any court action or suits. These disputes are only limited to those that may be subject to compromise under the law and excludes those that are prohibited (such as in Declarations of Nullity of Marriage).


If there is no other option but to seek legal remedy, we assist clients in filing the appropriate case/s to the court. We are also ready to defend clients in cases already filed against them as well as prepare necessary counter-charges, if appropriate.

This representation involves the preparation of the complaint/answer to pretrial, trial, and judgment. It may also include appeal to the higher tribunal, if warranted.

While we mostly handle civil cases, we are also well equipped to handle criminal cases in selective instances.


We are capable of completing real estate transactions such as conducting due diligence prior to purchasing a property and transferring registration/s of these properties upon successful purchase. This kind of transfer of registration includes other modes of transfer such as through donation and/or succession. We also aid clients in removing clouds (disputes) on their properties including evictions or ejectments of unlawful occupants.

We conduct review and preparation of property related documents such as Deeds of Sale, Contracts to Sell, Lease Agreements, Extrajudicial Settlements of Estate, and other similar documents.

Most of our property law court cases are disputes involving heirs with regard to the properties left by their deceased relative/s. In this instance, it is highly recommended to undergo limitless number of negotiations before finally filing a case (Intestate or Testate proceedings). Nonetheless, if such settlement is indeed futile, we are fully equipped to assist the clients in proceeding with litigation.

Presently, we encourage clients to transfer registration of properties which are still registered in the name of deceased relatives to the latter’s heirs. This is in the advent of the Estate Tax Amnesty Law which is for a limited period only (up to June 2021).


We have concluded various Declaration of Nullity of Marriage cases, Recognition of Foreign Judgment (Divorce decree), and Adoption cases. As of now, we similarly persuade clients who are covered by The Simulated Birth Rectification Act or RA No. 11222 to avail of the same. This law provides criminal and administrative amnesty to persons (and other participants) who simulated birth certificates of their adopted children by making it appear that they are their biological parents.

Being related to Property Law, we also handle disputes involving spouses or partners with regard to their properties and property regimes.


We provide services relating to transaction with the Securities and Exchange Commission and registration with other government entities such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, and the concerned Local Government Unit. This includes incorporation and amendments of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, among others.

Presently, we serve several corporate clients wherein we handle the review of their contracts, conduct administrative hearings to erring employees, and represent them in their labor cases, as necessary.

We likewise handled several engagements relating to Franchises and correspondences between franchisors and franchisees.


We assist foreign clients in various applications and proceedings with the Bureau of Immigration. This includes defending clients in Deportation Proceedings, filing of Petitions for Lifting of Blacklisted Nationals, and other related cases. We also handle Visa Applications and/or Extensions to be filed with the Bureau of Immigration.


We only handle criminal cases that are related to the above areas of practice such as grave coercion in ejectment cases, falsification, and perjury in corporate law. We do not handle drug cases or any offense that involves grave penalties such as capital punishment.


We provide consultations and render advice on various credit card concerns. We seek to advance awareness, among others, on the benefits of Republic Act No. 10870 or An Act Regulating The Philippine Credit Card Industry. - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2020 - FAQ
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